Ein Liebesgedicht. Weil ich es kann: auf Englisch.

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Dangerous Love

Darkness fills my eyes and leaves no place for light.

Afright of being alone am I,

Now without you by my side.

Gallows, coldhanded... green-eyed monsters seem to wanna reach me

Exchanted is my soul, now full of eerie hate

Rage fills my lungs, my ears, my eyes, I'm drowned sickeningly 

Our souls, our body got one without my volition 

Undesired invasion of you into whole me.

So now I'm broken, muddy, full of hate, but free. The end of the submission.

Ein Gedicht für Englisch. Akrostichon - Dangerous
(c) - JD aka Jamie aka JT aka Jemima Tabitha aka Barbie aka ich. 

Veröffentlicht in Gedankliche Ejakulation.

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